Removable Washable Covers

If you would like a practical, hard-wearing and less expensive alternative to our Permanent Upholstery, then our made-to-measure Removable Washable Seat Covers are certainly the answer!

These covers have been the core product from which our business has grown over many years and we are proud they are successfully in use in hundreds of Holiday Complexes and Hotels throughout the UK.

Child & Dog Proof Guaranteed!

Our range of Removable, Washable Seat Cover fabrics are extremely durable, tough and ladder-proof. This makes them the ideal solution for coping with the general wear and tear caused by pets, children and grandchildren, during a busy letting Season!


We’re pleased to say that we have ever more repeat business given to us for our made-to-measure seat covers year after year. We have Holiday Park owners who are still using our covers, bought fourteen Seasons ago! Once they have tried our covers they tend to order every year, NOT because they’ve worn out, but because they decide to cover more and more of their accommodation!


All of our Removable Washable Seat Covers are made-to-measure specifically to fit the particular cushions you have, thus ensuring a perfect fit. We can also often cover futons, sofa beds etc. if required.

Shaped Cushions, Armrests, Valances etc.

If your accommodation has shaped cushions, armrests, wooden corner cushions, valance boards etc. then don’t worry. All of these items can have our made-to-measure covers fitted easily and successfully.


If you would like your newly covered cushions to have an appearance even more like Permanent Upholstery, then we or your staff can button your covers with our unique Removable Buttons. These are easily removed to allow the covers to be taken off, machine washed and re-buttoned afterwards.

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